Parish Council Minutes 2022-2024

Minutes are taken at the meeting by our Parish Clerk, Jennifer Richards. These are then written up and sent for first review by councilors. The reviewed draft minutes are then posted to this webpage and to the village notice boards. A short summary is sent for publication in the Challenge Newsletter under the heading ‘West Wratting Parish Council‘. The draft minutes are formally reviewed and accepted at the beginning of the next Parish Council meeting.

For agenda of the forthcoming meeting go to the Meetings page.

We list below draft minutes and other records of previous Parish Council meetings.


Combined Minutes of meetings and AGM, 2023


Combined Minutes of meetings and AGM, 2022

For minutes of earlier meetings see this page, or you can read a collation of all Parish Council minutes from 2010 to 2023 in a single PDF document. This is not only scintillating bedtime reading, but you can use the search facilities of your PDF viewer to quickly find topics of interest over the years. Seriously, it is very interesting to see which topics come up time and time again, and how issues have been dealt with – or not – by previous Parish Councils.