West Wratting Village Archives

Over the past 10 years Elsie Webb and Suzanne Langford have worked very hard to collect documents, photographs and maps detailing the history of West  Wratting.  Following a well-attended display of this fascinating material, in the Village Hall on Saturday 28 January 2012, these archives have been transferred to the Cambridgeshire Collection in the Central Library, Grand Arcade, Cambridge CB2 3QD.  This Collection is open six days a week, when these archives can be viewed.  Telephone 0345 045 5225 or e-mail.  An index will be available online.

Some of this material has been compiled to a PDF document that can be viewed here.

Included are a great many old photographs of people and properties in the village, newspaper cuttings and general history from 1800 to the present day, West Wratting entries in, history of famous racehorses stabled in West Wratting in the 1700s, church history, Edward Frost and his aviation story;  also history of the Mill and Willie Tredgett’s diary, village school history and photographs, Wratting Park Cram School in the early 1900s, Hayter history and copies of his paintings of houses in the village, various maps of the village from 1737, Jubilee and other royal events 1814 onwards, village hall and Foresters’ history.  Below is a complete list:

Book One

  • Kelly’s Directories 1847 -1937
  • Farm Records and farming at Randswood, Wadlow, Valley and Bullens Farms
  • Jenison Shafto and Snap at Oxcroft Farm and Wratting Park in the 1700’s also
  • Copies of paintings by Stubbs painted in West Wratting parish
  • Football, Cricket, Tennis and Bowls at West Wratting
  • RAF Wratting Common and the two World Wars
  • West Wratting men who lost their lives during the 1914-1919 war.

Book Two

  • History of the Mill, Willie Tredgett’s Diary, Kingsley Amis and family
  • Myths and Folklore.

Book Three

  • Village Hall and Foresters’ History
  • West Wratting Women’s Institute and the Over 60’s Club
  • Jubilee and Royal events 1814 to the present day
  • The Village School 1861-1970, Wratting Park Cram School, Boy Scouts
  • Various maps of the Parish from 1737.

Book Four

  • Church and Chapel history
  • Monumental Inscriptions in West Wratting Church and Churchyard
  • West Wratting history “The Radfield Hundred”
  • History of Longs Coaches in West Wratting
  • Proposed Golf Course – 1990’s.

Book Five

  • Photographs of properties in West Wratting, old and new.

Book Six

  • Newspaper Cuttings and general history – 1800 to the present day.

Book Seven

  • Particulars of Property Sales (1799 – 2000) continued in book eight.

Book Eight

  • Particulars of Property Sales, part two, continued from book seven
  • Wadlow Wind Farm.

Book Nine

  • Cold War – Civil Defence warning 1950’s
  • The Frost family and their Aviation story
  • Hayter history and copies of the paintings in the village hall.

Book Ten

  • Family Histories
  • Village History written by George Webb and Peter Cunningham in the 1970’s
  • West Wratting by George Seaman-Turner
  • West Wratting 1938 onwards by Kenneth Charles Miller.

Some of this material has been compiled to a PDF document that can be viewed here. If anyone would like to help with making more of this available online, then please get in touch.


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