Road Safety Improvements

A recurring subject at West Wratting Parish Council meetings is that of road safety, relating both to road layout and to adjacent footpaths, both existing and absent. To help West Wratting residents formulate proposals with the best chance of success, Cllr Ross-Bain has kindly provided the following information.

Panels will score each of the proposals received against the following aims of the Local Highways Improvements (LHI) initiative: 

1) Persistent Problems:

The degree to which ongoing difficulties are addressed

2) Road Safety:

The degree to which a proposal could reduce hazards or improve road safety

3) Community Improvement: (social or economic)

The degree to which a proposal addresses something felt to be very important locally.

Each of these aims will be scored in the following way                                                                                                         

Aims 1 – 3

Score 0: Fails to deliver any improvement

Score 1-3: Delivers few of the aims of the LHI initiative

Score 4-6: Delivers some of the aims of the LHI initiative

Score 7-9: Delivers a substantial improvement