Population & Timeline

Village PumpWest Wratting is a picturesque village situated  ten miles east of Cambridge and  eight miles south of Newmarket.

It is close to the Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire Border.

People have been living in West Wratting since 800 AD. St Andrew’s Church was first built in the early 12th century.

Information about the current population of West Wratting is available from the 2001 census

The parish has an area of 3543 acres.


West Wratting Population

Year Population
1086 33 adults
1327 49 adults
1377 180 adults
1563 47 households
1728 250 people
1801 541
1841 912
1881 591
1921 417
1931 395
1971 386
2001 436 (2001 Census)


Village History Timeline

Year Event
330 Fleam Dyke construction started
620 Fleam Dyke construction finished
800 First permanent settlers at West Wratting
974 Estate given to Elfhelm by King Edgar
990 Estate given to Ely Abbey
1086 Domesday Book Entry
c.1100 First Church built in West Wratting
c.1130 First Vicarage in West Wratting
C13th Chanel arch and East wall of Church built
1248 Peterhouse College Founded by Hugh de Balsham
1310 Tower and Nave of Church built
1330 Bronze Tenor Bell Cast by Thomas Bellyete (still rung today)
c. 1581 First Schoolmaster recorded in the village
1720 Smock Mill built in the village
1940 Evacuees arrive in West Wratting
1971 Village school closed
2009 Camgrains stores construction started