Stay steady on your feet with new fall risk checking tool

Cambridgeshire County Council has launched an online fall risk checking tool to help you understand your risk of falling and simple steps you can take to stay active and independent.

From the age of 65, the risk of having a fall increases but many are avoidable. The new tool, Steady on your Feet, is aimed at those who haven’t previously had a fall but would like to understand what they can do to prevent this happening.

Steady on Your Feet is easy to use, asking a short series of questions to help understand any individual risks you might have and providing an action plan to keep you active and independent while increasing your confidence and reducing the risk of falling. You can fill it in yourself, or ask a family member or friend if you need extra help.

Suggested steps to prevent a fall might include arranging an eye or hearing test, increasing your activity levels and eating a balanced diet, or even looking after your feet and making sure you wear supportive footwear with non-slip soles.

For more information and to use the risk checker, go to