Auction 23: Lot 13

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A week’s sailing holiday off the coast of Scotland

In the yacht owner’s boat off the coast of Scotland – Spring/Summer 2024

Lot 13. Sailing in Scotland

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A week’s sailing holiday with Clive Parry in his Tradewind 35 boat off the coast of Scotland or Norway – Spring/Summer 2024.

The successful bidder needs to arrange transport to Scotland.  Includes oilskins, lifejackets, skipper and one crew so can take up to 2 to 4 other people, min age 14 years old; food, drink and £30 or so marina fees if needed, free if on mooring/anchor.

An amazing opportunity for an adventure.

References available if needed.

Here’s some information about this promise:

Otago is a Tradewind 35 – a solid “go anywhere” boat and can handle any conditions that will be encountered. I am a commercially qualified Yachtmaster with long experience in Sail Training and have sailed Otago single-handed. So, no sailing experience is needed and a trip can be tailored to suit all. I would add that sailing is probably not for young children; in my experience 14 years is the youngest age that can get the most out of a voyage.

Otago is VERY basic with virtually no privacy on board and absolutely no labour saving devices. Depending on the agility/size of the crew it could take (in addition to me) between 2 and 4 people…. some of the bunks are rather tight.

Otago will sail from Oban to northern Norway this year so depending on timing this could mean a sail in Scotland or Norway. This can be discussed with the winning bidder.

What’s included? The boat and me to skipper it; life jackets and oilskins. What is not included? Transport to/from the boat, food/drink for the trip, marina fees (typically £30 a night; free if we are sailing or at anchor). I will, of course, pay my share.

Going for £10.00

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