Overnight we have been hit very hard with shed burglaries.  We have had 8 reported in the Bartlow Road area of Castle Camps and 1 reported in The Hawthorns area of Balsham.  Some sheds had things taken and others just had the locks broken and nothing taken.  The types of things that have been taken are power tools and various other items of value.  It would appear that these crimes have happened between 1900 hours on the 19th June 2014 and 0800 hours on the 20th June 2014.

If you saw anybody or any vehicles acting suspiciously in the area during these times, please let us know.  Offenders would have had to have a vehicle to get away with all the items taken.  It appears that access has been gained through the rear of the properties into large gardens.

Please spread the word around to your friends and family about these break ins.  Please make sure your own shed/garage or outbuilding is secure.  Look at investing in a shed alarm.  If you find you have been a victim please ring in on 101 and report the crime.