Canon John Fellows has circulated the programme, starting with the Palm Sunday (24 March) service at St Andrew’s.  All through my ministry I have always found a full observance of Holy Week gives an extra edge and meaning to Easter. So I am inviting you to join me, and indeed millions of our fellow Christians throughout the world, on the spiritual journey that is Holy Week.

Services at st Andrew’s are as follows:
24th March
Palm Sunday
Commemoration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem
10.45 am
Parish Communion, with distribution of palms and the reading of the Passion
 Celebrant: Canon John Fellows
26th March
Tuesday in Holy Week
7.30 pm
A quiet and meditative service before the ending of the day
Address: Canon John Fellows
28th March
Maundy Thursday
Commemoration of the Institution of the Eucharist, the washing of the disci[ples feet,
and the betrayal and areest of Jesus
6.00 pm
The Communion of the Last Supper
followed by the Stripping of the Altar
29th March
Good Friday
Commemoration of the Crucifixion
2.00 pm
The Last Hour
Preacher: Canon John Fellows
31st March
The joyful Celebration of the Resurrection
10.45 am
Parish Communion
Preacher: Rev Dr Julie Norris