Thefts from out-buildings and containers are continuing across villages in South Cambridge.   Offenders will need to use a vehicle to be able to get away with the stolen items.   If you see anybody acting suspiciously in your village, or you see  any suspicious vehicles, please report these  to us on the 101 number, or 999 in an emergency.
We urge you to register any items  you have, which have a serial number on them, on the immobilise website.  Details of the  immobilise  website are shown below:
Immobilise – a FREE way to trace property and catch thieves; you can ensure your property is identifiable all over the UK by registering your property on . This site is searched thousands of times every day by British police officers.
When registering an item on  a user I.D. and password is generated which allows YOU the owner of the site to access the site and add or delete items at any time of the night or day.  There is no limit to the number of items that you can register.  Registered items can be identified anywhere in the country making it far more likely that your property will be returned.  More importantly it may give the police an audit trail to find the thief and bring a successful prosecution.
Any item with a serial number can be registered FREE of charge.  For items like jewellery or antiques there is the facility (for a one off payment of £3.99 a year) to upload 3 digital images of each item and once again there is no limit to the number of items which you can register on your account within immobilise.
Imagine the scenario that your house has burned down with your computer, which contains the inventory of your belongings, in it.  If you had registered with immobilise you could go to the local library, log on with your own I.D. and password and print out an inventory for the insurance company or, if you were burgled, for the police.
If you had a mobile phone stolen it is possible to register in retrospect on Immobilise simply by contacting your airtime provider and asking for the IMEI number.  The reason for doing this is as follows:
Having registered the IMEI number of the phone it is possible to go straight into the account and register the phone as lost/stolen.  This means that, if the phone turns up in the hands of the police anywhere in the country, when they run a check on the IMEI number it will not only show that you are the registered owner but also the crime details.  This will give police a fighting chance of finding out who committed the theft.  It can give good evidence to support a successful prosecution and once blocked the handset will be ‘Immobilised ‘ and even replacing the Sim Card will not make the handset work again.
Don’t make it easy for thieves
Go onto the immobilise website and see how easy it is to register.