Les Moulton West Wratting ‘Gardener Of The Year’ Vase

In memory of Les Moulton, the West Wratting Parish Council has decided to award a glass vase trophy to the person who is, in the opinion of the Parish Councillors, maintaining the Moulton tradition of growing vegetables in the parish of West Wratting. The vase (donated by Mr and Mrs Holness) will normally be presented to the overall winner of the produce section at the West Wratting show. However, as the West Wratting Show will not be taking place this year, the Parish Council is asking for parishioners to nominate themselves or their neighbours for the trophy, by contacting Richard Holness at richardholness023@btinternet.com or ‘phoning him on 01223 290404.

Brief rules:
The competition is open to all parishioners of West Wratting.
West Wratting Parish Councillors cannot enter the competition.
The winner of the trophy holds it for one year and is not allowed to compete the following year.
The trophy will be awarded at the West Wratting Show to the overall winner of the produce section.
If the West Wratting Show is not held, or is not held in July, August or September, the trophy will be judged and awarded in August. In this event, entries are to be judged by a panel of West Wratting Parish Councillors.
The West Wratting Parish Council reserves the right to vary these rules.

The 2017 Les Moulton ‘Vegetable Gardener Of The Year’ memorial vase event was held in West Wratting on Sunday 6th August. The judges were Mr Harold Gawthorp of Balsham Gardening Club and last year’s winner, Mr Phillip Tempest of High Street, West Wratting. A small fee was offered to Harold for acting as lead judge, which was given to Arthur Rank Hospice as he requested.
The judges visited six vegetable gardens of all sizes and were impressed by the range of produce that was being grown, as well as fruit and herbs. Such was the quality of the entries it was clearly difficult for them to decide on a single winner, but they eventually agreed to award the Les Moulton memorial vase to David and Jill Holah, of Green End Cottages, Six Mile Bottom Road, with an Honourable Mention to Melvin and Lyn Cottage, also of Six Mile Bottom Road.
The Parish Council will be holding the Les Moulton memorial vase event again next year and is pleased that the village continues to have a number of parishioners maintaining the tradition of growing their own produce.